Thursday, April 7, 2011

I heart you!

Who needs a discount when the cuteness is at this level?  I'm not sure this will look good on me...but I have to try. 

ASOS Curve

Piped Edge Heart Print Dress

I'm currently OBSESSED with from the UK.  They offer Curve...a polite way of saying Plus Size.  On trend fashions for women...none of that boxy, tacky, old lady business I often find as an "option"...about time I say. 

Now, I know a bunch of you are groaning..."I want to try it on." or "I don't know what my size would be."  Well, free shipping both ways will help out with the not being able to try it on far as the sizing...I find that with European sizing you should use their UK to US size converting...and then go up a size.  Works for me! 

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