Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Office Drama

Well...the other kind of "office drama"...the kind you bring with your attire...and this jacket says it all!

Ruched Sleeve Drapey Jacket
Shocker, it's from www.asos.com again... you could say I'm obsessed...because I am!  I think I got a pretty sweet deal being that it was on sale and I saved 20% on top of that with an email discount code...so $58.81.  You've got to sing up for emails people and read them...savings await! 

Monday, May 16, 2011


I'll be honest, this could be all wrong for me.  The color appears as though it would blend perfectly with my flesh...and well...it's all covered up.  I'm not saying I like slutty items, but I do know that wearing a v-neck helps to make me appear longer...and when you look longer you look thinner.

Lace Insert Shoulder Shift Dress

That being said I need to give this a shot.  It's good to try things you like even if you think that they might be all wrong for you...and better...it's a nice surprise when something does work out.  Here's hoping this works for me!

Monday, May 9, 2011

On to the Next One

I wanted it...I bought it...it came...FAIL!

Forever 21+

Geometric Blouson Top
There was no way this sucker was going to fit over "the girls"...sigh.  It's hard I tell ya...I fall in love with things...I start planning where I'd wear them and what I'd wear them with.  This top was going places...in my head!  Oh well, no matter what your shape...you can't win them all!  This one is going back...on to the next one!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Family vacations...for many they were spent at one of the Disney Parks...in California, Florida, Tokyo, Paris or Hong Kong. 
Forever 21 +
Scribbled Mickey Top
So answer this...why is all the cute apparel for the smaller girls?  I don't have any upcoming trips to any of the Disney Parks but you better believe I'm now prepared with this oober cute top from Forever 21 +. 

Disney, if I can fit in your rides how about you make cute shit in my size!