Sunday, September 25, 2011

So Nice...I Bought it Twice!

I say...if you love it buy it in more than one color...

Tailored Drapey Jacket
NOW $70.68
I first got this jacket in Navy and now...I have it in this lovely blush color! A great blazer with a little added detailing can take a simple cami or top from a 2 to a 10...and who doesn't want to look like a 10!?!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thick Sole Sisters

"A word to the thick sole sisters, I wanna get with ya!" Sorry, couldn't help myself...I'm from is Sir Mix A Lot!
"Stop Staring"
Eggplant Lula Wiggle Dress
This dress is HOT...but it's not for everyone...myself included.  I feel like you need to be...uh...solid've got more rolls than a bakery! Perhaps with a ton of shape wear? Ha! Sausage! 

At any rate...this dress is sexy and if you've got curves you wanna rock...rolls or it with confidence!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Animal Instinct

Some times I wonder if I belong in Jersey?  I have to say I really love animal print...but to a degree.  I've tastefully done some amazing foe zebra hair boots circa 2000...but I knew when they needed to go. And currently...ah-mazing foe leopard hair platform wedges ...thank you Jeffrey Campbell.

Velvet Leopard Burnout Top
Forever 21+
Now I'm adding this lovely top to my wardrobe! A velvet burnout...come on!  I'm already styling the outfit, hair and makeup in my head! 

Don't know how to do Animal Print?  Think small and statement...small in that it shouldn't be your whole outfit and statement as in it is your statement piece, nothing should compete with it.  If it's shoes...your pants, top or jewelry shouldn't compete...if it's a top...keep the rest simple!