Wednesday, January 18, 2012

High Low

Some times you just want to participate in the trends...and some times you know a classic when you see it!  I know what you're thinking...$89.50 vs. $17.80...big difference...I know but hear me out. 

I knew the moment I saw this top form Kenneth Cole New York I had to have it.  I love stripes and I love that they've switched it up by going two different directions with once!  Besides that I know the brand uses wonderful fabrics and the quality is great so it will last!

Kenneth Cole New York 
Asymmetric Stripe Top
Diagonal Stripes Top
Forever 21+
Maybe you want to try stripes but aren't sure they're for you...go in buy the most affordable option that looks most similar to the item you saw that made you want to try the trend in the first place!  A mouth full...yes...but good advice none the less!  Happy Shopping!

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