Friday, January 13, 2012

If You Don't Know Now You Know...

I just got these in the mail soon as I tried them on I fell in love and began planning my outfit around them for the following day!  I wound up wearing my ASOS Curve Skinny Sleeve top, a statement necklace from Banana Republic and my DV by Dolce Vita "Pascal" wedge desert boots...basically I look amazing!

Plus from Gap?  Well yes...and no.  Gap Online sizing goes past its Store sizing of 00-16 by offering size 18 and 20!!!  They also go up to XXL in tops where the Stores stop at size XL.
1969 Sexy Boyfriend Jeans
If you make the cut size wise you really should give these a shipping on all orders over $50 and if they don't work out you can always return them to your local Gap!

Curious about my...


  1. I wondered how these fit? I saw them on another blog and i checked them out online, i saw they carry 18 and 20. I am a size 18, do they fit ok?Can u tell me something about the fit? :) Thanks!

    oh u can e-mail me if u want

    1. Hi Natasha!
      These jeans fit great! I'm sure they were intended to fit a bit looser than how they fit on me...but since I'm a size 20 and they offer little to no stretch...I have to rock them the best I can! Here's how they look on me...
      I'd love to know if you decide to buy them and what you think of them if you do!