Monday, February 27, 2012

Wedding Season

I was recently asked..."In your browsing endeavors online, if you come across a dress that would be appropriate for a semi-formal wedding, throw it my way would ya? I have 5 weddings to go to this summer, and need a couple dresses."

Strapless Print Dress

Signature Printed Tank Dress

Printed Halter Neck Dress

Polka Dot Ruffle Dress

A few great tips for event shopping...
1. Buy something you can wear again, make your money count!
2. Try to buy something you don't need to buy new shoes for!  Good, cute and comfortable shoes can be expensive...if you go cheap you might be sitting at the singles table while everyone is dancing!
3. It has to make you feel me the event will be so much more fun if you feel fantastic!
4. Sign up for emails on the website you plan to purchase from...some will send you welcome emails with a coupon code!  Or google shop a coupon!  The more you save the more you have to spend!
5. If shipping is free both ways buy two sizes of what you are interested in as well as a few options...this saves you from missing out if you need to size up or down as things can sell out!  Keep what works and send back what doesn't!
6. Don't be afraid to try something that you think you can't pull don't know if you don't try!

Happy Shopping!

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