Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sexy Back

Lace detailing, flattering v-neck front...deep cowl back with self tie closure...all I'm seeing here are pro's and I can keep going!  I'm kinda diggin the shoes too!  How would you wear it?

Lace and Cowl Back Shirts

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Two years back I got this amazing lace top from Old Navy...the lace, color, cut, fit...all perfection.  I went to get a backup...but it was too late, they were sold out.  Since then I've been on the hunt for a backup in black and a white option for Spring.

Lace Tee
Search over!  Lane Bryant not only brings me what I'm looking for but offers it in both colors!  It's not as glorious as the one I love from Old Navy but something is better than nothing...and this is the best option I've come across since my search began.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Love!  This dress is great for day or night if you get crafty with styling.

Colorblock Yolk Dress
Belt not included...and I'd say it needs one if the fit isn't just right.  Simply put, if it lays nicely with the curve of your body you can 86 the belt suggestion...but if it's fitting on the looser side of things due to being in between sizes then slap on a belt!  Love the leopard with the black looks like it was made for the dress...would also work well with a solid black matte or patent belt!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I fell in love with her voice the minute I heard Chasing Curvy Women have a new voice in more ways than one. 

Spot Mesh Prom Dress
At this years Grammys Adele preformed in a dress much like this...for those of you searching for a way to achieve that look...well look no further!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pure Perfection

It seems like every Spring I fall in love with the perfect white top...I know it's wrong...for me it's an invitation to spill items all over's not if it's when!

So Fabulous Fringe Detail Blouse
Needless to say I'm packin' a tide stick and shout wipes, you can never be too prepared...and yes I'm that girl you see wearing her napkin as a bib!  Looking like a dork for 30 minuets is worth it in the name of fashion! 

Enough about me though!  A top like this screams Spring...crisp clean perfection!  Pair it with dark rinse denim pants or capris and a turquoise necklace for a pop of color and boom you're dressed to impress without looking like you've tried too hard!   

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dress to Impress

Like it or not when you're dressed with a polished and professional head to toe look you command respect.  You might find people smiling at you, men giving up their seat on public transportation...all around more positive attention.

Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique
Silk Shirtdress

Available at Nordstrom
Something you might not notice when you're dressed and looking polished from head to toe...your head is look great so you feel great!  This is the perfect dress for that polished look...all you need are shoes and accessories!  Flats for daytime or a nice black or nude classic pump for the evening.  Keep the jewelry simple this time, a nice hoop earring or simple studs...a delicate necklace and possibly a ring.  Something tells me that positive attention will have you dressing up more often!

Fly In Style

People used to get dressed up to get on a flight, it was a privilege to go somewhere on a still is!  There's no better way to start your vacation than by looking good...that doesn't mean you can't be comfortable getting there!

Women's Plus Linen-Blend Fold-Over Pants

Online Only at
These linen-blend pants from Old Navy Plus offer comfort without looking like you wore your gym clothes to the airport!  The loose fit of these pants will require some effort in completing your look.  You can't just toss on any old top, you'll likely need something more fitted...but feel free to layer that with an open front cardigan.  Add a cute pendant, a few bangles, a great pair of wedges and polished hair and makeup...people will wonder where you're going and what you are going to be doing when you get there!   

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

For All Ages

Clothing that can be transformed to suit multiple ages and styles are the best investment you can make!  This is one of those tops...the accessories you add or don't add...the shoe style you chose to wear...even the choice of bottoms.  You could wear this to the office and switch up the accessories and shoes and be ready for happy Mom could even rock this with a fun scarf and earrings!  

Sejour Pleated V-Neck Blouse
Everyone wants to look on trend and well put together...all you need is this top and some great accessories.  If you do it right you could probably wear it twice in a week and no one would be the wiser!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

For The Birds

I've always loved sheer fabrics...they're romantic and I'm a romantic girl!

Daniel Rainn Sheer Print Blouse (Plus)

Available at Nordstroms
Put a bird on it and well...I'm sold!  This top is effortless...pair it with skinny jeans and flats for daytime them you mean business with heals and black skinnies...or even with a skirt as styled above. 

Spring Must Have

Need a Spring Jacket and not sure what to get...

Trench Capelet

look no further!  Capes are well on their way to a comeback and the fact that it's a Trench Capelet only helps...totally classic!  Stay dressed up as styled above or dress it down with jeans and cute flats!  And be sure to sign up for Eloquii's email'll get fabulous discounts sent right to your inbox!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dingle Balls

OK, seriously!  I would get this skirt for the pure and simple reason that it has dingle balls on it!

ASOS Curve Exclusive
Skirt With Print
Not sure that I'd pair it with the bright yellow shirt as styled above...maybe purple or teal...but I love the bright colors and the dingle balls!  Not sure what a "dingle ball" is...well it's those red things dangling near the bottom of the skirt where the printed fabric meets the black fabric also known as Craft Pom Poms...and I LOVE them!

Spring Green

If I had to name one and only one reason for loving Spring it would have to be that Kelly Green color that starts popping up in Spring Flow Apparel Lines! 

ASOS Curve Exclusive
Belted Turn Up Peg

It's crisp and clean...a nice bold change from the drab darkness of winter...and pretty much all around fab!

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hunt Is On

So I think I've forever been on the hunt for the perfect pair of destroyed denim jeans...well since 2003 really!  At one point I found the pair of my dreams at Old Navy in 2005...I should have bought backup!

Forever 21+
Destroyed Skinny Jeans

Silver Jeans

American Eagle Outfitters
Favorite Boyfriend Jean
Since then nothing compares...what does a Plus Girl gotta do to get some great destroyed denim? 

I got the Forever 21+ pair and loved them...until they stretched out in about an hour and literally fell off while walking up the stairs to my house!  Not a good look! 

The second pair from Torrid aren't half bad...but the half that is bad is stopping me from buying them!  I don't want the huge stitching, tacky back pocket stitching or a split side seam at the bottom...totally reminds me of JR High!  Guess I just like the actual destroyed part...sigh.

American Eagle Outfitters seems to be getting it right...but then they're not really goes up to a size 18 so I could give it a shot but something tells me it will be a huge fail!  Never know if you don't try though!