Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pure Perfection

It seems like every Spring I fall in love with the perfect white top...I know it's wrong...for me it's an invitation to spill items all over myself...it's not if it's when!

So Fabulous Fringe Detail Blouse
Needless to say I'm packin' a tide stick and shout wipes, you can never be too prepared...and yes I'm that girl you see wearing her napkin as a bib!  Looking like a dork for 30 minuets is worth it in the name of fashion! 

Enough about me though!  A top like this screams Spring...crisp clean perfection!  Pair it with dark rinse denim pants or capris and a turquoise necklace for a pop of color and boom you're dressed to impress without looking like you've tried too hard!   

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