Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shooting Stars & Dingle Balls

I'm lucky enough to have awesome friends that also own a super cute boutique in San Francisco called SEEDSTORE.  They are working to launch an online store and want to include Women's Plus Sizes with their current mix...and they've asked me to help hunt down the best!

I stumbled upon 17 Sundays out of Australia and fell in love!  I reached out to them to see if they did wholesale and included my blog link at the bottom of my message...turns out 17 Sundays does wholesale and they like my blog!  Awesome!!!  I wrote back and told them to stay tuned because I fell in love with this top!

Shooting Stars Pom-Pom Tunic
$89.95 AU

Shooting Stars Pom-Pom Tunic
$89.95 AU
At first the natural color was calling my name but for flattery and function I'd go for black...all light colored items are an invitation for me to spill anything and everything all over myself!  

I can't wait for SEEDSTORE to launch their online store (for selfish reasons)...I wonder what they will  buy from the 17 Sundays line.  I better start saving some money...I feel a shopping spree coming on!


  1. I love the geometric shape of the top.. i think the silhouette is very flattering. My only concern is the price,.. However, if people are going to respond and gets a lot of compliments on how you sell the garment, i'd say it's totally worth it...

    1. I agree it's not a "bargain" top but the quality is worth the price...and I do think it will receive many complements. I think the tough part is the $25 shipping...that's why we need to get 17 Sundays in more stores around the US.