Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I do!

In five months I will have been married for five years!  My husband and I will be going to Maui to celebrate and I'm on the hunt for the perfect Anniversary dress!

To get you up to speed...this is where I started..my wedding dress!  So it's not traditional...but then neither was my courtship!  I met my husband on the M Light Rail Muni in front of SF State...three months later we were married!  

By Robbie B
Ramesis and I...and no he didn't wear this to
our nuptials...he changed for the reception!

From Left to Right: My Middle Sister Désirée,
My Oldest Sister Juna
é, My Mom Terry, My Step Dad Greg,
 Me, My Husband Ramesis
& My Sister-in-law Laureta

Now...I want to go traditional...sort of!  I'm on the hunt for a cute white dress that would be comfortable in Maui...and will wow my amazing husband!  I found this...

Johnny Was Collection Plus Scallop Lace
Trim Tank Dress

what do you think?  It's a bit costly for a beach dress...but it looks romantic and comfortable for the heat!  I'd love to hear your suggestions and thoughts...or post a comment with a link for a better/more affordable option! 



  1. What an amazing story! Your dress was absolutely gorgeous, and how adorable are you and your husband?! EXTREMELY!

    1. Awwwwww! So sweet of you to say...thank you!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The dress was amazing! I love the color too!!