Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Swim Experiment

Forever long I have been on the hunt for a fashionable, comfortable, flattering swim suit.  I have found some...but they were never "the one".  You see I don't lay out...I get in and I swim...attempt wake-boarding and other water sports and or activities.  

One of my biggest fails in past searches were two piece options...I'm in the water all day and if you've ever taken off a wet one piece you know how much of a pain it is and lets be real a girl has to hit the restroom a few times during the day!

Ikat Frill Tankini Top

Isis High-Waist Swim Brief
Just this week I placed an order for what I'm hoping will be my dream two piece swim suit!  You see I want the two piece for comfort and function...but under no circumstance should my tummy show!  This high-waist swim brief should do the trick, I'm just hoping the size I've ordered fits and the quality is there as I'm sure I'll have to pay for return/exchange if it doesn't work.  As for the City Chic tankini top...I've been eyeing it for some time now and with free shipping both ways I'm confident it will work out!

What are you wearing to the beach or pool this Summer?

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