Sunday, June 3, 2012


Colored bottoms are all the rage right now so I figured I'd show you mine and give a few tips!

On a budget?  You most likely won't be wearing these brightly colored jeans come Fall/Holiday...I'm sure retailers will come out with different colors...perhaps more of a jeweled tone don't spend your money here...mine were only $29.00!!!

Not sure on what color to get...take into account fabric weight for the season as well as the can get the white jean know the jean that you have to have but shows every imperfection...and that doesn't take into account underwear lines!  What I mean in a color you love and that will love you back!  

Top-DKNYC Woman/Skinny Jeans-ASOS CURVE/Shoes-Toms/
Bracelet-Orly Genger/Sunglasses-Oakley
Finally take outfitting into consideration...there's nothing worse than getting something new that you are in love with and then you have no idea how to wear it or what to wear it with!

I'd love to hear from you...what colored bottoms are you loving?

*Photography by Alex Szoenyi of ponyfeathers


  1. hey Gurl.... I have been looking for a colored jeans??.. where can I get ASOS CURVE jeans??

    1. Hey!
      ASOS is online only...just go to and select Curve (+Size) under the Women's. They do free shipping both ways so if you don't know your size you won't be stuck with hipping fees! Let me know if you have any more questions!