Sunday, July 29, 2012

Daytime Dress Up

I bought this top with the idea of wearing it to an evening event...but sometimes I feel like you just need to really go for it in the daytime!

I was nervous about the peplum silhouette not being the most flattering for me but I'd like to think I'm pulling it off pretty well...

Top-ASOS Curve/Jeans-Old Navy Online Plus/Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell/Bracelet-Kate Spade

I love things that sparkle but I won't wear just anything...I think it's best to love what you wear because you'll feel amazing in it...and when you feel amazing you look amazing!  And speaking of cute is this bracelet from Kate Spade..."PLAY HOOKY" how could I pass that purchase up!?!


*Photography by Alex Szoenyi of ponyfeathers.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It means hello and good bye...and though I'm not leaving for Maui just yet I can't help but start to pack because I really can't wait!  These items have made my short list...I'm gonna need a bigger bag!

The perfect pants for and comfort from Old Navy Online Plus...I'll wear these with my Toms Wedges (see below)...not sure on the top yet! 

City Chic Online Tankini I've ever had...I can't wait to hit the beach!

And I need I got backup!  Also from  City Chic Online!

In a previous post I went with another higher waist-ed option but found that the City Chic Online option was the better bet...I might have to pick up the bottoms with the attached skirt as well!

After beach cover-up from Simply Be.

My new top from ASOS Curve!!!

An oldie but a goodie from Forever21+.

Neon beaded top from ASOS Curve last year, love!

Lace shorts from ASOS Curve current.

Colored Shorts from ASOS Curve, current.

Relaxes fit shorts from ASOS Curve from last year but they have a similar option this year still available online.

Super comfy cute shorts from Old Navy Online Plus.

Jeffrey nice I bought them twice!

When it's this good you buy in multiple colors!

I got these Dolce Vita Wedges for my 29th Birthday (I'm 30 now)...LOVE!

Tory Burch...and I got them on sale...I want to say last year!?!

After breaking these in...get some mole skin ladies...these have become my favorite wedges and my go to shoes!  I also love that by buying these a pair of shoes went to a child that had none.

Got these Reef sandals last year in Maui...aren't they cute!?!

Adding a little height in a swim suit will help you look does wonders for your leg muscles too...also from Reef!

Nixon watch...for time and temperature.

My iPhone with my super cute Rebecca Minkoff  Case.

A simple bracelet I picked up at Free People.

My Kate Spade Flaming Clutch...perfection!

I'm sure I'll only wear it for 5 seconds but it's totally fab right!?!
Having and packing things that make you feel beautiful and get you excited about wearing/using them will have you excited about all aspects of your trip!

Any thoughts on what else I should pack?  I'd love to hear your your comments below!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pink Ladies?

Pink is a powerful color...that powerful color along with the sophisticated yet playful structure of this'll have heads turning for sure!

Pink Lady Lace Dress
I'd rock this with some black pumps, clean makeup and my hair pinned up!  Where and how would you wear it...or would you?  I'd love to hear your your comments below!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flower Child

The minute this dress went up for sale at I put it in my bag...but then I waited...and waited.  I can't explain why...I wanted it...I loved it right away.  In fact, every time I went to look at the Curve section I would linger on it's image...and I check the page often!  

That's why when it went on sale I pulled the trigger...and it was then that I figured out why I hesitated.  It will probably be too might not look good on me at all and I will actually have to rock my bare legs if I do keep and wear it.  That's why I just bought a spray tan package...I can't help's so cute! 

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Premium Batwing Dress
With Embroidered Hem