Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It means hello and good bye...and though I'm not leaving for Maui just yet I can't help but start to pack because I really can't wait!  These items have made my short list...I'm gonna need a bigger bag!

The perfect pants for flying...fashion and comfort from Old Navy Online Plus...I'll wear these with my Toms Wedges (see below)...not sure on the top yet! 

City Chic Online Tankini Top...best I've ever had...I can't wait to hit the beach!

And I need options...so I got backup!  Also from  City Chic Online!

In a previous post I went with another higher waist-ed option but found that the City Chic Online option was the better bet...I might have to pick up the bottoms with the attached skirt as well!

After beach cover-up from Simply Be.

My new top from ASOS Curve!!!

An oldie but a goodie from Forever21+.

Neon beaded top from ASOS Curve last year, love!

Lace shorts from ASOS Curve current.

Colored Shorts from ASOS Curve, current.

Relaxes fit shorts from ASOS Curve from last year but they have a similar option this year still available online.

Super comfy cute shorts from Old Navy Online Plus.

Jeffrey Campbell...so nice I bought them twice!

When it's this good you buy in multiple colors!

I got these Dolce Vita Wedges for my 29th Birthday (I'm 30 now)...LOVE!

Tory Burch...and I got them on sale...I want to say last year!?!

After breaking these in...get some mole skin ladies...these have become my favorite wedges and my go to shoes!  I also love that by buying these a pair of shoes went to a child that had none.

Got these Reef sandals last year in Maui...aren't they cute!?!

Adding a little height in a swim suit will help you look longer...it does wonders for your leg muscles too...also from Reef!

Nixon watch...for time and temperature.

My iPhone with my super cute Rebecca Minkoff  Case.

A simple bracelet I picked up at Free People.

My Kate Spade Flaming Clutch...perfection!

I'm sure I'll only wear it for 5 seconds but it's totally fab right!?!
Having and packing things that make you feel beautiful and get you excited about wearing/using them will have you excited about all aspects of your trip!

Any thoughts on what else I should pack?  I'd love to hear your thoughts...post your comments below!


  1. I love everything!! Hum. How about a cute nightie and stuff to lounge around in.

    1. Hey Emikos!
      Totally! I'm sort of a Maui junkie so I have the usual beach cover-ups but a nightie is in order for sure...any suggestions?

  2. I love this... I love the beach cover up by Simply Be... Love the red this Summer.... Everything Red I like!!!!!!!! That Peter Pan shirt from ASOS is gorgeous!.. Love the color too!... And can we talk about how great that clutch from Kate Spade?.. Adorable!!!

  3. Hey Girl!
    Best part of those amazing items you like...I got all of them on sale!!! Yes even the Kate Spade clutch!


    1. Miss Dexie,
      You HAVE to sign up to get emails from your favorite Brands and Websites...so many good deals to be had when you do!