Saturday, December 15, 2012

A New Online Shop

It's no secret that much of the marketplace is missing out on a big piece of the pie by not offering women's plus apparel.  As someone who's been working in the industry now for 13 years it's still hard to look at the lost opportunity that businesses knowingly choose not to take part in. 

I'm proud to say that an old coworker and friend of mine, who decided corporate life wasn't for her, has successfully launched her website... Jennifer, along with her sister Cynthia have been successfully running seedstore now for more than two years.  That success has offered them the opportunity to launch their new web store where they offer women's plus apparel!!!

Available Here

Available Here

Available Here

Available Here
The sisters opened their store knowing that down the line they would offer women's plus...they hope it will soon become a large part of their business as the end goal is to bring in the hard to find in plus apparel...but that all depends on the success of her current plus offerings.  I want this to be a success for them in hopes that they'll offer amazing lines like 17Sundays, Ashley Nell TiptonCABIRIA...and many...many more! seedstore them on facebook...tell all of your friends...and let Jennifer and Cynthia know about all of the other plus designers you would love to buy from!


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  1. What a great opportunity! Best of luck to Jennifer and Cynthia, and their lovely seedstore. xo, Eden/ Cabiria