Sunday, December 30, 2012

Underneath It All

I was in need of a new bra and no longer carried my size so I decided to head to Lane Bryant for a fresh start.

My thought process...I could always order them online or get them in store...I didn't have to weed through all of the cute colors and prints just to find out that the bra I'm after doesn't come in my size...and in all honesty I had heard good things about Cacique, their intimates line.

Smooth Balconette Bra
Available Here

Smooth Balconette Bra
Available Here
I fell in love with the Smooth Balconette in nude and one in black as a staple. But I think it's important to say that I was wearing the wrong size...I'm sure you've heard that most people wear the wrong size.
After being measured and trying on a few options I left my local Lane Bryant wearing one of my new bras...the sales associate was kind enough to remove the security tag and meet me at the register to pay.  Before leaving I asked to throw out my old bra...I would have burned it if I could...I never realized how uncomfortable it was until I had one that fit correctly!

The importance of the right undergarments that fit properly...well it's key ladies.  That means no bras with bumpy lace material under a form fitting you really want your boobs looking like they have cellulite?!

Happy Shopping!

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