Friday, January 18, 2013

T.G.I...Eff yeah!

Ummmm...Hi Old Navy Plus!

Popped online this AM while on the hunt for some great printed jeggings to find these amazing tops ...and yes I need them in all 3 colors!
If you haven't signed up for emails from yet you should...thanks to today's offer I won't be paying full price!

Sequined-Striped Tees

Sequined-Striped Tees

Sequined-Striped Tees

I'm also picking up these cute printed jeggings...they are after all the reason I went to today in the first place!

The Rockstar Printed Jeggings

Yeah yeah...I know Old Navy Plus is only available online and that is annoying for some people...but free shipping both ways helps no?  My trick...I just order what size I think I am and then one up just in case...I don't want to miss out on anything after all.  If anything doesn't work out the Free Return Label is right there with your shipment...just fill it out and send it back!

Happy Shopping!

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