Friday, March 22, 2013

Bust Out!

In my opinion there are a few things in life a woman needs...yes needs.

1. A great lip gloss or lipstick.
2. Mascara.
3. And an amazing bra!

Black Smooth Demi Bra

A shot from "I am Torrid" Blogging Event

At the beginning of the month I had the honor of attending a blogging event at Torrid Headquarters.  Pure honesty here people...when the topic of bras came up I was skeptical...I had never even entertained the idea of buying a bra from Torrid...but they talked up this bra that we were told we'd get to try on and I figured I'd go in with an open mind...well as open as it could be.  Trying on and finding a new bra sucks in my's one of the most important things I put on everyday and I've never really been excited about my options as a plus size woman.  So...when I had it on and didn't hate the way if felt I looked down to my amazing my boobs looked!  Ha!  My current bra was doing its job just fine...but this just gave that extra oomph!  

Since then I've been checking Torrid's site almost daily to see when I could finally get my hands on one...and now I can!  And so can you!  Your mission...if you chose to except out and try on some Torrid bras...I love the Demi...I'd love to hear what you fall in love with!

Happy Shopping!

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