Sunday, March 3, 2013


We all have them for various reasons...but at what point do we let them affect our lives?  

Size hang-ups are big for girls..."I'm a ___ size and I'm not going up just because this or that runs small."...but if you liked it enough to try it on who cares if your a XXL instead of a L.  I know it hurts for a second or longer...and it doesn't always make sense..."I"m always a L in this Brand!" but do you really want to miss out on that cute top or those amazing jeans?  I don't!

Women's Plus Skinny Zip-Chinos

I recently bought these pants from Old Navy Women's Plus...they're only available online...and I'm always a 20 these days so that's what I ordered.  When they arrived in the mail they fit everywhere except in the waist...but they were buttery soft...a true skinny and I loved them.  So I swallowed my pride and exchanged them for a 22.  No one would ever know...I do my laundry and the label is on the inside.  

It would be nice to get some consistency when it comes to sizing but I know the process...I'm a Merchandise Product Development Grad of FIDM LA...jeans/pants are the hardest fits to get just right.    

I guess what I'm saying is...if you LOVE it and you can find a size that fits you...just get it!  You can cut the size tag out if it helps!


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