Friday, April 5, 2013

Ruff n' Tuff

Well sort of...the lace kind of softens the skull & cross bone no!?!  Finished off with these amazing skinny jeans and studded boots I'd say I'm lookin' pretty tuff!

Black Lace Skull Dolman Top Here
Broadway Ankle Zip Stiletto Jean Here
Black Minka Studded Boots Here

I styled this head to toe look while attending the "I am Torrid" Blogger Event last month. Myself and 19 other lucky bloggers got to spend a day at Torrid Headquarters checking out Spring/Summer 2013, talking with multiple members of the Torrid team....playing dress up and most importantly providing their team with our feedback.  The Torrid team truly wants to get "it" right for their customer...not an easy task to pull off when you think about what a statement like that means...but it wasn't just them saying it...I could feel that they truly meant it.  The whole team was warm, friendly and hungry for our thoughts from the beginning of the day to its end!  

I'd love to hear your post your comments below!  Anything you want to tell the Team at Torrid...I'd love to be your mouthpiece!  



  1. It looks really cute on you. It compliments your shape and I love the casual but cute feel! Great meeting you at the Curls, Curves and Cocktails event last night!

    1. Thank you Marie!
      It was nice meeting you as well...I'm so glad I went! Please do stay in touch!