Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feelin' Lucky

Lucky Brand that is!  

I've had my eye on their Women's Plus line since its launch...and come close to buying a pair of their printed denim skinny jeans online...I even tried a few things on at Nordstrom.  But now I'm in love!  Everything is saying don't do it...they're not exactly a basic short...but I love that I'm included in this trend.  There are no modifications that make these look like they came from the Plus know what I mean ladies.  

Ginger Americana Shorts

I know what you're's a steep price to pay for some denim here's where my skills come into play.  

1. Sign up for their emails and get 20% off your first purchase.
2. Shipping is free both ways so if things don't work out there's no down side.
3. Once you're signed up for their emails they offer great don't forget to read your email!

***A note to the Plus Team at Lucky Brand:

Thank you!  That said here's what I'd love to see in the future...

1. A Women's Plus leather belt is hard to come by...I'd love a great basic 100% leather belt.
2. The Women's Jackets are AMAZING...I would love to see that carried over to the Plus tab.
3. I'd also love to see some great destructed denim for Plus...perhaps this Fall?

I can't wait to see what's to come from Lucky Brand Plus...I do hope I have their ear...feel free to contact me!  Oh, and don't forget back views on your product...I'm a details girl...I need to know what my butt pockets are going to look like!

Lanaé Roxas 

P.S.  Happy shopping!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Plus Size Prom

My Senior Homecoming dress was a size 20 and by Prom I was in a size 14...the road to finding matter what size I was...lets just say it wasn't fun...which is exactly what it's supposed to be.  

So when the team at Sydney's Closet reached out to me about doing a post or two I was more than on board to help them out...even more so after reading their story:

In the beginning, I was just a mother anxious to wipe away her teen-age daughter's tears.
My daughter teen-age Mickey cried when she failed to find a plus-size prom dress. It broke my heart and made me very mad! In a world where thin is too in, I found it unfair that millions of teens and women like my daughter were fashion-starved for dressy plus-size dresses to wear to life's most important celebrations.
The reality is that one in every four high school girls in the U.S. wears a size 12 or larger. And when it comes time for once-in-a-lifetime nights like Prom and Homecoming, she doesn't want to hide her curvy figure under shapeless muumuus or evening gowns that grandma would wear. She wants a frock that rocks! (And she deserves one!)
Six out of 10 American women wear a size 12 or larger. And she should be able to find a dress for a special occasion that makes her look - and feel - as glamorous as a movie star for her red-carpet moment!

If I had it to do all over again...I'd be ready to hit the dace floor in quite a few of their dresses...but the two below are my favorites!

High Voltage
Available Here

Go For the Gold
Available Here

My Prom rocked...all of my dances did for that matter.  Get a dress and go...period. Below...that's me on the my left my date Ron, behind him my two best friends Briana and Haley on the far left.  My Mom crashed my Prom...this picture was taken after Ron told me my Mom was at the dance and I turned around for this shot...probably my favorite picture of the night!

My Senior Prom
Dress-Jessica McClintock

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fitched Off

To: Mike Jeffries and the Corporate Team at Abercrombie & Fitch,

I get it, you don't want my money...but do you really have to say I don't belong in your clothing because I'm fat?  Word to the wise...maybe just keep your mouth shut and don't offer my sizes.

In High School I discovered you...and I wanted nothing more than to be included, but I've always been fat.  Senior year I lost weight getting down to a size 14, to reward me for my hard work my Mom took me to buy the Fatigue Cords circa 1999/2000 I had always wanted...I literally stopped in every time we were at the mall to look at them.  I saw her face when she saw the price tag and I told her I didn't like them after all, a total lie, but I wasn't going to let my Mom spend that kind of money on her teachers salary.

Well...being a size 14 didn't last, so I could only obsess over your destructed jeans of the early 2000's...not to mention those funny and almost always inappropriate graphic tees that to this day still exist.  That said, I found a way to participate...I just bought the Men's tees that weren't gender specific.  

Me in an XL Men's Abercrombie Tee
Old Navy Special Edition Denim
and a super sweet headband!

My sister Junaé, Me, my Mom and sister Désireé sisters
are your more of your target customer...they're thin...but
I'm the one wearing your Men's Pink "Player" Tee!

Oh...and not that it matters but...I was popular in High School and a Varsity Athlete all 4 multiple sports!  

Bottom line...growing up is hard might want to apologize.  Make it right.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

I love a good stripe...I don't follow the rules...I wear what I want!  I also love the idea of this cosmetic pouch (I use it as a clutch)'s almost like the line from Pitch Perfect for me "You call yourself Fat Amy?" "Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back!" love it!

Striped Top-Torrid/Under Tank-Old Navy/Jeans-Torrid/
Bangles-Kate Spade/Necklace-Banana Republic
Cosmetic Pouch-Kate Spade/Wedges-Toms

I love these Broadway Ankle Zip Stiletto Jeans from Torrid and Wedges from Toms Shoes...super cute and easy to wear with so many things.  I also have a Kate Spade "Play Hooky" bangle is no longer available but the "Et Cetrera" bangle is!  Use the links above to shop this look...wear what you love!