Friday, May 17, 2013

Plus Size Prom

My Senior Homecoming dress was a size 20 and by Prom I was in a size 14...the road to finding matter what size I was...lets just say it wasn't fun...which is exactly what it's supposed to be.  

So when the team at Sydney's Closet reached out to me about doing a post or two I was more than on board to help them out...even more so after reading their story:

In the beginning, I was just a mother anxious to wipe away her teen-age daughter's tears.
My daughter teen-age Mickey cried when she failed to find a plus-size prom dress. It broke my heart and made me very mad! In a world where thin is too in, I found it unfair that millions of teens and women like my daughter were fashion-starved for dressy plus-size dresses to wear to life's most important celebrations.
The reality is that one in every four high school girls in the U.S. wears a size 12 or larger. And when it comes time for once-in-a-lifetime nights like Prom and Homecoming, she doesn't want to hide her curvy figure under shapeless muumuus or evening gowns that grandma would wear. She wants a frock that rocks! (And she deserves one!)
Six out of 10 American women wear a size 12 or larger. And she should be able to find a dress for a special occasion that makes her look - and feel - as glamorous as a movie star for her red-carpet moment!

If I had it to do all over again...I'd be ready to hit the dace floor in quite a few of their dresses...but the two below are my favorites!

High Voltage
Available Here

Go For the Gold
Available Here

My Prom rocked...all of my dances did for that matter.  Get a dress and go...period. Below...that's me on the my left my date Ron, behind him my two best friends Briana and Haley on the far left.  My Mom crashed my Prom...this picture was taken after Ron told me my Mom was at the dance and I turned around for this shot...probably my favorite picture of the night!

My Senior Prom
Dress-Jessica McClintock


  1. EVen if you are at plus size, fashion of the dress will not be hindered. It is important to choose the right fashion that would help you look sexy as well.

    1. True...if it comes in your size that is! I always just went with what made me feel sexy...confidence is sexy so I think that is a pretty good shopping rule. Thanks for your comment and stopping by to read my post!