Saturday, August 31, 2013

I Need Your Help...

Torrid brought back their Halloween Costumes this year...the only can only get them online and all returns must be mailed back.  This means shipping fees...the thing I find most annoying about online shopping.  

So, I need your help...I've selected my top favorites...but I just can't decide.  That's where you come in...I thought my readers could help me pick!  Just leave your comments below and tell me which one I should buy!

Pick One: Captain Swashbuckler

Pick Two: Thief Of Hearts

Pick Three: Top Gun Flight
Pick Four: Skull & Roses

There are many more costumes available online HERE so be sure to check those out...and if you think I'm leaving out an option from the vote be sure to suggest something! 

I can't wait to see what you guys pick!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here's the skinny!

Sometimes it's who you know...and I know some amazing people!  I was lucky enough to be able to get together with the team at Torrid HQ again recently...I wasn't in the building more than a few minutes and they had a new bra for me to wear test and minutes later their latest rinse jegging too!  SCORE!  

I popped behind a screen to try on the new jeans...everyone wanted to know what I though right away...and to be honest I wanted to know how they fit as well. Um...amazing!  I'm pretty sure I said they felt like how I imagine pajama jeans should feel but way cuter...and don't judge me...but I wore them for a week straight after that. I only switched things up to wash them!  I keep getting complements on how flattering they are and I have to say I feel slimmer in you can see why I wouldn't want to take them off!  

Skeptical?  My thoughts are my own...I was honest with the Team at Torrid...I only wear what I like and if I find issues with something I'll say so! 

Sunglasses-Toms/Purse-Cambridge Satchel Company/Tank Top-Torrid/
Jeans- c/o Torrid/Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

I totally tried to do a hair flip to look like the girl in the wall!  But I had fun doing it!  

Leave your questions and comments below...and happy shopping!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh Canada

Hey Canada!

Sorry for the late heads up...but if you didn't notice your Old Navy website just got a new of August 15th you now have Women's Plus online!  I've been shopping their site for years as an old pro let me show you the ropes.

As an Old Navy shopper the things I love about their online shopping experience:
1. Free shipping when you spend $50.
2. Returns are and exchanges for Women's Plus are free by mail both ways...sorry in store returns.
3. They offer a great selection of fashion and basic pieces ranging from size 16-30.

Sequin Chiffon Tank

The Rockstar Printed Jean

I'm in LOVE with this sequin chiffon tank and these printed jeans...but other favorites include their yoga jacket, compression pants, compression capris and sports bra...their active wear is AMAZING!  I'm always checking new arrivals for their great fashion tops...and they always have something new each season with their Rockstar Jeans.  Don't even get me started on their pajamas...I have a collection...super cute and comfortable!

More to come though so be sure to check back for the inside scoop!  Leave your comments and questions below...I'd love to hear from my neighbors to the North on what you think!?!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Good Carma

I've been lusting after pieces from Carmakoma for who knows how long, but along with higher retail there was also the high cost of shipping so I've never completed the checkout process.  As an active online shopper I HATE paying for shipping...I will try anything I can to keep from paying for it...but now I don't have to worry about that...because ASOS Curve just started selling select pieces from Carmakoma!!!

I know...totally exciting right!?!

Clockwise from the top: Carmakoma Jumpsuit $229.10/Carmakoma Tailored Jogger $161.22/
Carmakoma Quilted Leather Look Sleeve Bomber $303.76/Carmakoma Lace And Mesh Body $101.82
Of all of the pieces above I have to say I'm obsessed with the Tailored's not a bad price to pay for a great pair of black pants that can be worn multiple ways...and something tells me they'll get many complements.  

What do you think...anything you love?  Have you heard of Carmakoma?  Ever made a purchase from Carmakoma?  Or were you like me...always looking and unable to get over the shipping costs?  Leave your comments below!