Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here's the skinny!

Sometimes it's who you know...and I know some amazing people!  I was lucky enough to be able to get together with the team at Torrid HQ again recently...I wasn't in the building more than a few minutes and they had a new bra for me to wear test and minutes later their latest rinse jegging too!  SCORE!  

I popped behind a screen to try on the new jeans...everyone wanted to know what I though right away...and to be honest I wanted to know how they fit as well. Um...amazing!  I'm pretty sure I said they felt like how I imagine pajama jeans should feel but way cuter...and don't judge me...but I wore them for a week straight after that. I only switched things up to wash them!  I keep getting complements on how flattering they are and I have to say I feel slimmer in you can see why I wouldn't want to take them off!  

Skeptical?  My thoughts are my own...I was honest with the Team at Torrid...I only wear what I like and if I find issues with something I'll say so! 

Sunglasses-Toms/Purse-Cambridge Satchel Company/Tank Top-Torrid/
Jeans- c/o Torrid/Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

I totally tried to do a hair flip to look like the girl in the wall!  But I had fun doing it!  

Leave your questions and comments below...and happy shopping!



  1. Hearing such great things about the Torrid jeggings, might have to give them a go!
    Elle -

    1. Hey Elle!

      You really only complaint...they only come in two colors so far! I'm obsessed...wearing them right now in fact! Thanks for leaving a comment!