Sunday, September 22, 2013

Almost Famous

When I shop for myself I fall in love with the pieces I find...become obsessed even.  But I'm not made of money...and I'm not to "that level" where Brands are throwing clothes my way all the time so I have rules...

1. If I can stand to look at it for two weeks straight...and I still have to have it...I'll buy it.

2. If I can't think of a place I can wear it to...but I just love it...I'll just pass.  Nothing is more torturous than owning something you'll never wear!

3. Lastly...if I'm in love...and I mean over the moon about it...and I think it could sell out...I'm going to buy regrets!

Jacket-Simply Be/Top-ASOS Curve/Jeans-Torrid/Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

I had to have this shirt...Almost Famous...if you know me you know why I have to have it and it has nothing to do with the movie.  As for the jacket....that was one of those Over The Moon pieces.  The jeans were a no-brainer...they fit like a dream!  And these shoes...well it took me weeks to find them online in my size so I didn't hesitate to buy them and I'm so glad I did.

As for outfit planning this is what I wore when Chastity of Garner Style came to meet me for lunch.  To me...she's famous so that makes me almost famous!  

Thanks for coming to have lunch with all of us Chastity...and thank you for taking these've got skills girl!