Saturday, November 23, 2013


Online only exclusives that is!  

This post is a PSA for online shopping.  On a daily basis I hear people gripe about shopping for clothes online...something along the lines of "I just can't, I need to try it on first.".  Well, I'll tell you why you should be shopping online...maybe I can change your mind!

1. Retailers have product online that is only guessed it ONLINE!  
2. Some retailers are online only...if their shipping and return policy doesn't totally suck what do you have to lose?!
3. Ever go to a store and everything you like is gone in your size (story of my life)?  You could have shopped online!

Dress-Torrid Online Exclusive/Shoes-Reef

I got this dress online at was an online exclusive and I'm so glad I bought it. The dress I had planned to wear to our Luau in Maui wasn't working out minutes before we needed to head out the door, so I opted for this one!  I had originally intended for this dress to be my casual shopping dress that I could pop on over my tankini...but I'm glad it got its own time to shine!  As for me taking these pictures after eating a five course meal with an open bar...maybe not my best idea yet...but I was on vacation!

I shop almost exclusively online...if I don't know what size I am I order what I think and then one size up as well and return what doesn't work.  I read about the shipping and return policy and make sure I'm not going to lose money if I don't like the product.  Lastly I read both the product copy and customer's important to know everything you can about the fabric, the cut and the fit of the product as well as garment care.  

Hope this helps!  Happy Shopping!

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