Friday, December 20, 2013


So I'm anti resolutions usually...people don't keep them...they are usually pretty crazy...and I don't agree with them being set once a year, if you want to change something just do it.  

That said, my friend and blogger of The Curvy Fashionista Marie Leggette posted the video below to her facebook page recently asking "Are you guilty of this?" and I had to say yes.

I'm guilty of "Fat Talking"...I figure people are already thinking these things about me so if I say them jokingly I'm in control...but it's sad.  I want to be a yesterday...and I wouldn't want to pass "Fat Talk" on to my children.  And honestly, "Fat Talking" about myself doesn't do any'm going to do two things.  I'm going to make a New Years Resolution but I'm starting it now!  It's going to be hard, all habits are hard to break...but this is a habit that needs breaking.

I'd love to hear your your comments below!


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