Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eff Your Beauty Standards

Today's the day I've been waiting for...I finally get to order my Eff Your Beauty Standards merchandise!  And I have a little something to say about I hope you'll stick with me and finish reading through my thoughts before you use the links provided below to shop.

It is HARD to go at it in the retail business on your own.  It takes time, creativity, more time, coordination, hustle, struggle...and then there are roadblocks and letdowns along the way.  But Tess believes in her movement as well as the charity she's giving some of her own profits to...and I'm on board with her.  Being the little guy is not easy...costs are high and there's nothing you can do about it without capital.  So yes, you can say $35.00 for a graphic tee is a bit much...and who likes to pay shipping (not me)...but we pay $4.00 for a bottle of water at Concerts, Disney...and so on.  Just think of it like you are buying a concert tee that you have to pay shipping for.  If she was selling through some Big Box Retailer I'd scoff at her pricing and shipping...but do a solid people and shop small.  Rant over.

V-Neck T-Shirt in Pink Print

V-Neck T-Shirt in Teal Print

Tote Bag
Available in two colors.

Queen of Hearts 4'' Sticker

3'' Logo Sticker

1'' Buttons

I ordered the V-Neck T-shirt in pink print...and I can't wait to get it...even though I'll have to as it's PreSale right now.  As soon as I get my Tee I'll be sure to do an updated post of me wearing it.  I'm so proud of Tess and can't wait to see what's to come from this line and the Eff Your Beauty Standards movement.  Congrats girl!


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