Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Plus Size And Pregnant

It's hard enough to find great clothing as a Plus Size shopper...add being pregnant to the mix and forget it!  

Where there were more options years prior for Plus Size Maternity Apparel...Old Navy Plus Online, Simply Be Online, Lane Bryant Online...these departments are now gone.  Why? My best guess is that people didn't even know that these retailers offered Maternity clothing for the Plus Size Woman...or they didn't know the retailer existed for the Plus Size Customer period!  Please do a better job of advertising yourselves retailers!!!

Thankfully Destination Maternity is showing up for the Plus Size And Pregnant Woman...get this...both online and in stores!  Amazing! 

Nursing Nightgown And Robe

My list of things to have in my hospital bag included a robe and nursing attire.  If you've ever shopped for a Plus Size robe you know the struggle.  I purchased the above along with another similar style in blue and I'm so happy I did.  I was able to wear the robes over my hospital gown while walking the halls trying to get my sweet baby boy into this world...and I've been wearing the nursing nightgowns and robes nonstop since I delivered. I'd honestly buy one or two more to have in my rotation if they weren't all sold out online right now.  

BIG Thank You to Destination Maternity for doing Plus Size Maternity Apparel and even BIGGER Thank You for having it in your stores!

Happy Shopping! 

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